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For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing anti-virus software to help protect your computers, and backups to keep you safe from data loss.

Today, the bad actors (hackers, organised crime, foreign agencies) have never had so much opportunity and so many tools at their disposal to try and get their hands on your data. 

Our security stack satisfies The Essential Eight (the Australian Cyber Security Framework) to affordably mitigate the risk of data breach or loss. It can be used to solve security compliance for GP Accreditation, or simply to ensure you are doing what your insurance policy says you are doing to reduce risk. -More Information on The Essential Eight-

The Essential Eight - Mitigation Strategies

Mitigation Strategy Health IT Managed Sevice Why?
Application Whitelisting
Security Stack
Restrict access to approved / trusted programs
Configure MS Office Macro Settings
Security Stack
Block macros from the Internet
Patch Applications
Security Stack
Mitigate software vulnerabilities
User Application Hardening
Security Stack
Block exploits
Restrict Administrative Privileges
Security Stack
Reduce the attack surface
Patch Operating Systems
Security Stack
Mitigate operating system vulnerabilities
Multi-Factor Authentication
Protect external access to your data
Daily Backups
Great Backups
Ensure the safety of your data from loss or corruption

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compliment strong passwords with multi factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication (or MFA, or 2FA) is a simple idea that provides a tremendous improvement in security.

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Great Backups

In our aim to secure every one of our clients, we can provide cost effective and comprehensive backup for your PC or Mac.