Expert Technical Support

We deliver projects and managed services that include technical support, security and backup; centred around your hosted servers, cloud services or traditional on-premises networks.

Managed Servers

The best servers for you may be traditional on-premises machines, or privately hosted in our data centre, or managed by us in the public cloud.

Managed Services

We offer per user (or device) technical support. We also continue to offer traditional block hours at a discount.

Managed Security / Backup

Our Security Stack provides cost effective layers of security for your PC or Mac.

Our modern firewalls intelligently protect your networks and servers.

Our security systems are developed to achieve compliance with The Essential 8 security framework. Together with policy work we provide to healthcare this keeps you as secure as is affordably possible and fully encompasses the latest version of GP accreditation guidelines.

Managed Cloud

Microsoft Office 365 provides a great experience to access your data securely from any location. It’s also the best way to share and collaborate on data today.

Secure Web Hosting takes care of your web site and we also offer spam filtering, cloud service backup, domain names and DNS hosting.

Project Services

Projects are anything outside the scope of our standard agreements. The most common projects we do are installations of new servers, networks, computers and digital telephony.

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