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Is a cloud server right for your practice? 

This is something we are asked all the time. The answer depends on how you use your system. Health IT in partnership with Cloudland provides cloud services for storage and computation. Even if you aren’t familiar with our cloud systems you’ve probably used a cloud storage service before.

Whether we’re talking about Google Drive, DropBox or iCloud, the definition of cloud storage remains the same. Cloud storage is essentially a system that allows you to store data on the Internet without having to store it on your computer. It allows you to store files on a remote server without the need for a computer hard drive with you in person. A common misconception is that the cloud is different to having a hard drive at all. While this isn’t entirely wrong, there’s still a computer hard drive you remotely access that has your files on it, but that drive might be in Amazon’s or Google’s data centre for example

The most common use at present is for travelling professionals. If you spend more time away from your main office than in it, a cloud server is probably the best option for you. Furthermore, if your team works from home or remotely most of the time, this would be a great option.

The only limiting factor is internet access. If you don’t want the hassle of maintaining local servers, and have a fast reliable connection to the net, a cloud server is an option that is becoming the choice of many businesses. In a short amount of years it will be unusual to house local servers.

If you would prefer a flat monthly cost rather than a large capital investment every 4 or 5 years, a cloud server may be the best option for you financially also.

A cost comparison of server types can be found here:

To discuss your practice and how a cloud server could benefit you, get in touch today.