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Expert Support for Best Practice Software

Software support, new installations, conversions and more

Why Best Practice?

Best Practice is an EHR (Electronic Health Record) software package designed to be used for medical practices, clinicians, and allied health professionals. Best Practice prides itself on being “designed by doctors, for doctors.” Because of this, Best Practice is the full software solution clinicians need to manage their clinic or practice.


At Health IT, we have years of experience with Best Practice software and can help with general support as well as setting up medical practices with the software.

At Health IT, we have years of experience with Best Practice software and can help with general support as well as setting up medical practices with the software.

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Experienced Best Practice Support Services

Health IT has specialised in helping surgeries install, setup, migrate to and use, Best Practice since it was first released in 2004. This has led us to converting dozens of clinics to Best Practice and have the ability to offer fast and experienced support for Best Practice every day. We’re proud that our customers choose to call us before they call the software vendor because they trust that we’ll solve their issues quickly and completely.

We can support Best Practice whether your infrastructure is on-premises or in the cloud. We offer basic, standard and complete support packages and can assist in working out the right fit for you.


95% of our customers are private surgeries, and most of our GP customers are running Best Practice. We have years of experience setting up Best Practice, ensuring it’s running smoothly, and making a doctor’s surgery run more efficiently. We understand how Best Practice interacts with other technology that makes a surgery function efficiently.

Cost Effective

Minimising software downtime and user frustration is important to keep a practice running smoothly. When practices invest in great technology, people and process, they see a return on investment not just financially but by improving patient care.


We understand that speed matters when delivering great patient care. Our team will always work quickly and efficiently in an emergency, but when planning technology with you we will take the time to ensure the solution we put forth is the right solution that will ultimately fix the issue and move your workflow forward, not something that needs treatment again and again.


We’re excited to work with you. We may be the “computer geeks” that you work with, but we’re the helpful and approachable computer geeks. A clinician can’t operate without a great reception staff, specialists, and, of course, IT. Let us be a wider part of your team that you can count on.

Helping With Common Best Practice Challenges

Although Best Practice is reliable software, it needs maintenance from time to time. While you and your staff are great at caring for your patients, you’re not specialists in health care related IT infrastructure. We are. We can help with a number of challenges related to Best Practice.

Under Engineering

We’ve seen networks that have been cobbled together and grown organically. If your Best Practice install is running from a workstation instead of a server, you’re sharing Best Practice accounts, have slow downs or downtime you can’t solve, or you don’t know how (or if) backups work, we can assist you in modernising your infrastructure.

Over Engineering

We see this often. In an attempt to solve performance and reliability issues, an IT budget gets blown out; money is spent on a big new server or a cloud migration, and the result is no better than what came before. Not every problem can be fixed by throwing money at it. We can help you find the right balance.

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Is Your Practice Being Held Back By Legacy Software?

Health IT have successfully converted systems including MedicalDirector, Pracsoft, Genie, RX, Stat Health, and even bespoke systems. Our process ensures the integrity of your data while minimising the stress and downtime associated with conversion.

Ongoing Proactive Support

Printer problems, results download issues, connectivity problems, ECG and Spirometry workflows, issues when doctors change rooms, Best Practice running slowly… These are common issues that we deal with every day. We can help with automating data updates and maintenance, helping to avoid some of these problems. We understand that speed matters.