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Comprehensive Security, Backup, Network, and Web site review

We use different tools to deliver audits. The risks we are testing for will change over time, and the tools evolve to meet them.

An initial audit will almost always deliver a prioritised set of recommendations to improve the network or its security. Once these are agreed to and actioned (fixed and / or acknowledged as an acceptable risk), subsequent audits are significantly minor and should only point out any new or changed issues.

Our audits deliver any of the following that are relevant:

Security Assessment

A full Security Assessment of a medical practice includes:

  • Risk report
  • Outbound security report
  • External vulnerability report
  • Secondary external vulnerability report
  • Outbound security report
  • Security Policy assessment
  • Share permission report
  • User behaviour analysis
  • Security management plan – work through issues to determine next steps

Backup Audit

  • Backup report
    • Types of backup
    • What is backed up
    • How it is checked
  • Test mount / restore of data
  • BDR needs analysis report

Network Audit

  • Risk report
  • Asset detail report
  • Full detail report
  • Network management plan – work through issues to determine next steps

Website Audit

  • SQL Injection test
  • Nikto scan
  • Vulnerability test for WordPress or Joomla or Drupal sites
  • SSL vulnerability scan

Other requirements?

Get in touch with our friendly staff today to discuss your practice needs or any accreditation requirements.