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Web Security & Hosting

Comprehensive Web Site Security and Backup System

Your web site is important. It needs to be looked after. New technologies are constantly revolutionising the way we use the Web, and with continuous improvements to access and edit your content, new doors are opened for hackers.

Even if you don’t think your website or social medias have important information on them, those pages can still be leveraged and used against your customers to hurt the business. As discussed on our Managed Security page, modern cybersecurity is a rapidly moving target, but thankfully there are several layers of protection to keep you safe.

Web Site Security Testing

Health IT offers several tests and scans of websites to identify any potential points of attack:

  • Vulnerability test for WordPress or Joomla or Drupal sites
  • SSL vulnerability scan
  • SQL Injection test
  • Nikto scan
  • Unauthorised file uploads
  • Mixed content security

WordPress Security

According to a recent W3 study, WordPress is the technology behind 40% of modern websites, and because of this has been a huge target for hackers. Health IT utilises a number of security features to keep the wrong people out of your content:

  • WordPress hardening
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Firewall including Geo-blocking
  • Core updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Brute Force / DDOS protection
  • Uptime monitoring

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate may be used to secure a service eg. Web site, Secure remote access.

WordPress Full Site Backup

Is your web site backed up? In our experience most aren’t backed up well. This means it could take days to recover in the event of a data loss or hacking event.

Our system takes regular full backups and frequent incrementals, and can be setup to report to you each time the full site is backed up.

h t t p s icon

The current standard for web content is HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) which is a form of encryption to protect information travelling between visitor computers and web servers. When you load an image or submit a contact form, information about you travels over the net, which must be secured. Always make sure there’s a padlock in the address bar when submitting information on a website!

Sites hosted through Health IT are equipped with a security certificate to ensure safe browsing for visitiors.

Web Design and Secure Hosting

Want to refresh your existing website, or build a brand new online presence? Health IT offers personalised web design as well as DNS and content hosting on our own servers.

Our team can assist with layout, content, and images to build a vibrant online face for the business that gets people to click through and get in touch. Design services are billed based on time, so reach out to our staff for an estimate and to discuss the finer details.

If you already have a site you’re proud of, it can be migrated to our fast Australian servers without any hassle. For this we will need access to website files and domain control panel. Alternatively, the site can be rebuilt on our hosting server to look and feel exactly as it does already.

Our managed secure web hosting includes:

  • Real time monitoring.
  • Commercial backup system taking nightly backups.
  • A real live technician updating, examining and reporting on your site.
  • Commercial firewall with real time protection, brute force attack (DDOS) prevention and country blocking.
  • Commercial malware scanning with reputation protection.
  • Optional Multi Factor Authentication.

Critically the underlying hosting platform and WordPress will be kept up to date to prevent exploitation.

All themes and plugins in use must be appropriately licensed and able to be upgraded as necessary. If upgrades to these systems affect your web site we are able to assist to rectify this, but this work will be charged according to our pricing policy.