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Expert Support for Genie Software

New installations, migrations, software support, and more

Why Genie?

Genie is a leading practice management software package that works well for clinics of varying sizes and specialties. Genie boasts that it’s a good software solution for practices “whether you have 5 or 100 users,” as well as having modules tailored for specific specialists like plastic surgery, dermatology, and OBGYN. Overall, Genie aims to be a versatile software package for managing medical practices and a general Electronic Health Record (EHR) software package.

Health IT has years of experience working with Genie, whether that be general Genie support, Genie integrations and installations, or moving a practice from another software suite to Genie.

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Experienced Genie Support Services

Genie is a robust EHR software package that is designed to be versatile and work well for varying needs of different health practices. It’s specialist software, but knows how to adapt. At Health IT, we like to think the same way. We’re specialist IT professionals for medical practices, but can adapt to the needs of different specialists and clinics of different sizes.

Health IT has been operating since 1995, longer than Genie has existed as software. Because of this, we know Genie extremely well, as well as the other practice management software solutions on the market. We’re well equipped to offer support.

Regardless of how you’re using Genie, whether you’re using specific modules or workflows, are large, or small, we can support you in your use of Genie software.


As IT providers who work exclusively with medical professionals, we work with a number of different medical offices and specialists. Since we only work in the medical field, we are familiar and comfortable with the challenges faced by medical professionals. Since we work across a variety of different medical professionals, we know the problems specific kinds of doctors face, but can also apply knowledge between different medical specialisations.

Cost Effective

If practice management software isn’t working properly, it can cost that practice money. That’s why we’re devoted to making sure all aspects of a practice’s IT work and work well, whether that’s the general software, printers, phones, or anything else. We can get you and your practice back up and running quickly, ensuring that patients are cared for and everything is functioning again.


IT infrastructure can be the backbone of a medical practice. When there’s a problem with it, at best the practice functions inefficiently, at worst, it doesn’t function at all. By having software that works as well as it should, a practice works as well as it should: efficiently and devoted to patient care.


Medical practices are more than just the primary doctor. They’re made up of support staff like great medical receptionists, nurses, and external team members like labs, technicians, and even an IT team. We’re part of your team and want to see your practice succeed.

Helping With Common Genie Challenges

Although Genie is strong and reliable software, like any software, users need support from time to time. This may be simple troubleshooting of minor issues all the way up to larger issues with the overall IT infrastructure of a practice. We can help with the big, the small, and everything in between. Our aim is to offer support for Genie software quickly and easily so a practice is back up and running at its best.

Over Engineering

To get over poor integrations or generally slow performance, we’ve often seen practices simply invest more money in their IT infrastructure. While this may help in some cases, there’s often a less expensive option that will actually make Genie software run better. Allow us to investigate and find a long term solution.

Under Engineering

If a Genie integration has been patched together in pieces as a practice grows, it’s often not working as well as it should be. It can sound daunting to take everything apart and start again, but this can often lead to a better run practice in the future. We can advise on the best way forward.

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Customisation And Reporting

One of the benefits of Genie is its customisation and reporting capabilities. Although these are great for medical staff, they can be challenging to set up. If you need to get the most of Genie, we can advise you on what’s possible and get it set up the way you need it.

EHR software works best when it’s fully and properly integrated into a practice. This means it works as well for reception as it does in clinic rooms. If software like Genie isn’t integrated into a practice well enough, it can be frustrating for staff and patients. We can help find the source of these frustrations and fix them.

Ongoing Support

Beyond offering support for Genie practice management software, we’re a full service IT support company working exclusively with the medical industry. We can support your practice with any issues to do with Genie as well as general IT challenges that come up with the daily operation of any business. We’re here to help.

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