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Expert Support for MedicalDirector Software

New installations, migrations, software support, and more

Why MedicalDirector?

MedicalDirector is the most widely used EHR (Electronic Health Record) software in Australia. It has software packages designed for specific use cases whether that be for medical specialists, small clinics, large health centres, or something in between. As part of the Telstra Health Group, MedicalDirector likely has a software solution that will fit the needs of your practice.

MedicalDirector is one of the most established practice management software solutions available, and Health IT has been working with it since we began in 1995.

Experienced MedicalDirector Support Services

MedicalDirector launched their first software package, now known as MedicalDirector Clinical, in 1992. Following this they acquired the GP billing and appointment system application Pracsoft, designed to increase efficiency in practice workflows; and Bluechip, designed for medical specialists. Recently they have released MedicalDirector Helix, their all in one cloud based medical practice management software. As IT support specialists for the medical field since 1995, we’ve been working with MedicalDirector for nearly as long as it has existed.

Whether you’re using one of MedicalDirector’s on-premise medical software packages or their cloud based Helix package, we can offer a range of support packages that will fit your practice.


Nearly all of our customers operate private surgeries, and many of those surgeries are running MedicalDirector. Since we’ve been working with MedicalDirector for so long, we know how to ensure it works best with a medical practice and how to ensure it works efficiently and effectively.

Cost Effective

It’s important that any money invested into IT infrastructure and support is devoted to keeping a practice running smoothly so that staff can focus on patient care. We aim to increase efficiencies and minimise any downtime caused by software problems.


In an emergency, our team is there to solve the problem and get a business back up and running. For improvements and optimisations, the team finds the right long term solution to a challenge and provides advice on how to proceed.


We’re here to help, and we consider ourselves part of your team. There’s no challenge to big or small, and we want our customers to find us easy to work with and approachable. We want to work with you and make your business thrive.

Helping With Common MedicalDirector Challenges

MedicalDirector is great software, and it’s easy to use, but behind the scenes it can be very complex. This complexity means that bugs may occur and that it needs updates and maintenance from time to time. As experience IT specialists, we know the common challenges faced with the MedicalDirector software suite and can quickly diagnose and solve those challenges.

Over Engineering

Sometimes if a system is slow or unreliable, customers will spend money on increasing IT infrastructure. This may be treating a symptom, but it may not be actually making a cure. We can often find where efficiencies can be made and ultimately lower your IT bill.

Under Engineering

As a medical practice grows, often the IT infrastructure grows organically, rather than efficiently. This can create a system whereby software and systems aren’t working as they should, leading to unexpected downtime, slowdowns, and poorly executed backups. We can help create an IT system with a long term plan for growth.

Migrations and Improvements

If you’re using a different software package for your medical practice and want to move to MedicalDirector, we can help. We’ve completed migrations to MedicalDirector from the other large packages such as Best Practice and Genie. We’ve even completed migrations from custom built software onto MedicalDirector.

As dedicated IT professionals for the medical field, we’re well aware of how everything in a surgery works together. Because of this, we can help find points in your software integrations that aren’t working as well as they could be and implement improvements.

Ongoing Support

Whether it’s a problem with MedicalDirector or just a problem with a printer, Health IT is here to help. We work on and support a variety of medical professionals every day. We also appreciate that every practice is unique and has unique needs. So if it’s IT related, we can make sure it’s working.

Doctors discussing IT requirements