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Secure Email. Change user behaviour.Email Security

91% of cyber security attacks begin with email

Better cyber security has resulted in less traditional hacking using exploits or insecure remote access, and an increase in cyber threats delivered through the channels still available to the bad guys – this is predominately email followed by SMS phone based scams. No tool in isolation can detect and block all threats as criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to get through the technical controls.

People are the problem, and assisting them is the answer

We can implement a well thought out, multi layered security stack and offer you as much protection as technology can provide, yet people will always find a way to thwart such protections. We supply Cyber Security Training for all customers, but struggle to get busy professionals to take the time to learn how to help protect themselves online.

The best way to ensure people are constantly improving their cyber security acumen is by putting the real time awareness training INSIDE each email.

Advanced Email Tags

Our Advanced Email Security system powered by INKY blocks malicious email from impersonators and coaches employees how to handle suspicious emails.

With interactive banners that stand out when something’s dangerous, the system encourages users to think before they act.

The email assistant is a more effective learning tool than phishing simulation testing. Clicking the “Details” link explains exactly what is wrong with an email in plain language. This educates users on real-world threats in their inboxes, in real time as they use their email. Users can report spam or phishing emails straight from the email, and let us know if they have clicked on a link or opened an attachment. This system works on any device including mobile.

Combined with comprehensive mail protection and sanitisation of all links and attachments,
applying advanced email protection will reduce the risk of a cyber security incident.