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Scanning to the cloud

Part of our Cloud Services - For more info on the cloud, click here

So you have a scanner attached to your computer or your local network but your application is in the sky? How do you send images to it.

There are a few ways.

Firstly it’s important to make sure you are scanning as frugally as possible. This is to do with file size. An A4 letter should be scanned at no more than 200dpi and in black and white. Colour should be used only as required. A single colour page takes up the room of approximately 100 black and white pages. Scanning everything in colour will eventually make for a bloated and slow cloud server.

If you only do occasional scanning, you’ll find that you can copy and paste a scanned document.

For most users, we setup a free Dropbox system. This gives you a syncing tool installed on your local computer and the server. You scan to the Dropbox on your computer and seconds later the scans are on the cloud server, ready to import into your application.

Thirdly we can supply TSScan, a third party software product that interfaces your scanner with the cloud server so you can use it as if it were directly attached.

Contact us to discuss which method is right for you.