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How secure is your password?

Test your password strength against best practices and see if it's been published on the dark web

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Passwords are not saved or transmitted anywhere, this assessment is done inside your web browser

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Enter a password to test

Enter a password to test

Warning: This password has been reported in 10 breaches, it’s time to update!

What makes a good password?

The best passwords have three key characteristics. They are: unique, random, and long. Every password you create should be unique, in case one of your logins is compromised the hacker can’t use the same password to gain access to anything else. Use random capitals and swap letters for numbers or symbols to make your password unpredictable. Finally, longer passwords take longer to crack, so add an extra word or two! Click here to use our Passphrase Generator.

How to safely save your passwords

Health IT recommends using a password manager app, even if your password strength is good. This is usually a small add-on to your web browser that saves (encrypted) passwords and prompts to automatically enter them when you visit a website login page. Password managers can store unlimited logins so you don’t need to remember every one yourself, allowing easy use of very complex passwords. Get in touch for more info.