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Introducing Health IT Home Security

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You keep your practice as secure as possible, but what about your home computers?

Many of you have asked us what we recommend for your home computers, and we have not had a clear solution for you – until now!

We are thrilled to be able offer Health IT Home Security as a unique, affordable offering that brings layered, business class security to your home computers, without taking a heavy handed or restrictive approach.

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Who is Health IT Home Security for?

Health IT Home Security suits someone who wants to ensure that their personal Windows 10/11 Professional computer is as secure as possible.

Someone who uses their computer for occasional remote access or work from home would get great value from this product.

Who is Health IT Home Security not suited to?

If you are working full time from a home device, or from a device owned by your business, then Health IT Security Stack would be the right fit. Business devices should be secured by our full Security Stack due to the higher level of risk present.

We are also not able to offer Health IT Home Security to computers running Windows Home editions as they are limited by Microsoft in this regard.

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If you have any questions or would like to receive a quote for Health IT Home Security, get in touch today!


Health IT provides free online security training to our clients and safety resources for download from our website.

To ensure your staff are keeping patient data secure, arrange a security audit by getting in touch today.

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