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Best in class protection without interruption

Super fast, reliable, and extremely versatile. Keep your data safe even in the worst circumstances

We like to have two backup methods operational at any business to minimise the risk of data loss. Ideally we have something like Shadowprotect saving an image of the whole of each server to on-site storage, and an online backup of your important data.

Shadowprotect is best in class backup software that takes an image of an entire drive of a computer. 

For a discussion on our online backup please see Crashplan Pro E Benefits.

Benefits of Shadowprotect:

  • It’s super fast and is able to backup as often as every 15 minutes (although we generally spread this out to 1 or 2 hours) .
  • On a server with adequate performance you will not notice any delay during a backup.
  • Reporting can be setup so that you know backups have happened and are alerted if anything is wrong.
  • In the event of a disaster, a Shadowprotect backup allows an entire server to be restored quickly, saving many hours of rebuild time.
  • Properly setup, you can boot a backup as a virtual machine and use this as a business continuity tool.

Possible issues with large, on-site backups:

  • You need plenty of storage to keep multiple backups of your server. Generally we like to have either a dedicated “spool” drive in the server or a NAS (Network Attached Storage device). 
  • While they can be replicated off-site, this is cumbersome and / or requires additional licensed software.

If business continuity / disaster recovery are time critical we can also offer Datto – an appliance available that makes your Shadowprotect style backups immediately accessible in the cloud. This functionality is tested daily with screenshots of your DR environment sent to you if required.

Please contact us for more details on Shadowprotect or Datto.