Evolving threats need a layered approach to security. We provide comprehensive protection for our clients. Changing laws mean Australian businesses need to treat security seriously..

Notifiable Data Breach Scheme

From February 2018, you MUST take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of personal data held in your systems. [More]
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Security and Network Audits

A comprehensive review of your internal and external security should be completed annually or after significant change. A test restore of your system should be included to ensure your data is safe. [More]

Web Site Security

WordPress has made it easy for anybody to have a dynamic and beautiful web site. However this has made it a huge security target. If your website is important it requires backing up, securing and regular maintenance. [More]

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Layers of security

Layered Security

From Anti-Virus to Zero-Day attacks, security is not a product it’s a process. Our layers of security keep you safe from modern threats.

Health IT provide a layered approach to security which includes:

1.       People Security (Training, common sense)
2.       Physical Security (Server accessibility, screen locks etc.)
3.       Network Security (Managed Firewall, Spam protection)
4.       Endpoint Security (Managed Anti-virus, anti-spyware)
5.       Application Security (Appropriate permissions, Principle of least privilege)
6.       Data Security (Backup and Disaster Recovery)

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