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Remember The Golden Rule

If you aren’t 100% sure, don’t open it, don’t click it, stop and ask for help.

Security Update June 2022

We are actively monitoring an emerging threat that is being exploited in the wild. This threat will result in you seeing a huge increase in scam and malicious emails. Here are some things to be on the lookout for to help keep you and your business safe!

Invoice Scams

A quite common method that scammers are currently using is to send a fake invoice. This can be trying to do two things:

  • Get you to pay/send them money for something fake; or
  • Trick you into visiting a malicious site or entering your information.

If you receive an invoice for something and you’re not 100% sure it is real, take the time to stop and think and triple check before going ahead.

Shared Document Scams

Another common tactic is to send emails that appear to be someone sharing a document with you. These can even be incredibly targeted, for example we have seen scam emails with the name of a nearby medical centre as the sender, pretending to be a patient information transfer.  

These scam emails then try to get you to hand over your password, so they can infect your email, and then escalate their attacks.  

These scam emails can also use legitimate document sharing services that you may have used or seen before (for example PCloud or Dropbox) to send their malicious documents.  

Again, if you are not 100% sure the shared document is real, take the time to check before opening – pick up the phone and ask the sender directly. 

Two Factor Authentication Bombing

We sent out a notice about this recently but have continued to see this on the rise. 

If you are getting many Two Factor Authentication (2FA) requests coming through to your phone, especially when you don’t expect them, please get in touch with us immediately so we can ensure that your accounts have not been compromised.

Health IT offers virtual security training that can help you get better at spotting and avoiding scams. Training is all online and can be done at anytime.
To get your staff enrolled in our security training program, get in touch today.